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Let the Text Speak: An Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics

$14.99 (US Only), free shipping for pre-orders


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Easy Peasy Biblical Greek: The Easiest Way to Learn Greek Well

$19.99 (US Only)


Free Grace Theology: 5 Ways It Magnifies the Gospel

by Charles C. Bing, Jody Dillow, Jeremy Edmondson, Roger Fankhauser, and Grant Hawley

167 pages, Trade Paperback. $13.99 each (US only)


A Dispensational Biblical Theology

by Dr. Elliott Johnson

585 pages, Trade Paperback. $29.99 each (US only)


21 Tough Questions about Grace

by Various Authors

$19.99 each (US only)


Also available on kindle here.

Created to Reign Gospel Tract

20 pack $5.00 (US Only)

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Use this free online version on your phone to walk people through the good news.

If you'd like to print your own, here's a printable pdf copy.

The Four Essentials of a Healthy Church

$12.99 (US Only)


These four essentials from Acts 2:42 will help get your church on a healthy path. Edmondson has shown how putting them into practice will foster genuine spiritual growth, creating a healthy community of believers.

If you are serving in a local church, this book will be a blessing to you and the local body you serve.

156 pages, trade-paperback

Getting Started: Basics in Understanding Your Bible

Sold out. We are working on an expanded edition and will update the bookstore when it is ready.

The original edition is available on Kindle here.

Getting Started lays out four basic principles designed to help the new believers understand Scripture. These principles are: #1 The Bible Is True, #2 People Are Saved by Grace Alone, Through Faith Alone, in Jesus Christ Alone, #3 Once Saved, Always Saved, and #4 The Bema Concerns Believers.

These principles are then demonstrated with a difficult passage. The reader who keeps these four principles in mind will be ready to study Scripture with confidence.

56 pages, Saddle Stitched Booklet

The Guts of Grace: Preparing Ordinary Saints for Extraordinary Ministry

$24.99 (US Only)


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Also available on kindle here.

The Guts of Grace is 34 packed lessons on everything from how to study your Bible to what to expect on the Lord's return. In the middle, you will find plenty of practical truth for living.

The lessons are designed for use in small groups, but can be completed by an individual as well. No matter where you are in your walk, this book can help bring you to a place of greater intimacy with Christ, more realized liberty, and confidence in His ability to do great things in and through you.

429 pages, Trade Paperback