The Four Essentials of a Healthy Church

These four essentials from Acts 2:42 will help get your church on a healthy path. Edmondson has shown how putting them into practice will foster genuine spiritual growth, creating a healthy community of believers.

If you are serving in a local church, this book will be a blessing to you and the local body you serve.


Wow! Where was this when I was pastoring in the 70s and the 90s? What Edmondson has written not only speaks to church planters, like himself, but is ?essential? for all pastors/elders/deacons/leaders. The church of the 21st century begs for direction?some due to Post-Modernism, some due to lethargy or stagnation, but all need at one time or another, a dose of biblical reality toward health. This book draws us all back to the Four Essentials because they are just that ?essentials.?

Churches need from time to time a reality check?listing on one side of the paper all that they are doing and dividing them into three categories 1) ?biblical? (that which is commanded), 2) ?anti-biblical? (that which is prohibited), and 3) ?a-biblical? (that which the church has made a choice concerning whatever is to be done, even though it is not commanded nor prohibited) Most churches will find that many, if not most of the practices in their church fall honestly into the third category, but have always assumed they were biblically commanded.

Stephen R. Lewis, Ph.D.
Rocky Mountain Bible College
Rocky Mountain Seminary
Edmondson has placed pragmatic tactics on the shelf as he has pared down the theory of early church growth to its four most basic elements as delineated in Acts 2:42. Some attribute Einstein to have advised, 'Keep things as simple as possible, but no simpler.' This book accomplishes just that. It hones in on Luke's description of the early church and captures the essence of what it means to come together as a body of believers. Each of these eighteen short chapters is both informative and edifying. This book will bring you back to the essential elements of what being a church is all about.

Anthony B. Badger, Th.D.

156 Pages, Trade Paperback

$12.99 (US Only)


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