21 Tough Questions about Grace

Have you ever wondered what motivates us if we know heaven is secure, or how "Faith without works is dead" reconciles with salvation by faith alone? What does it mean to work out our own salvation? And where does baptism fit into the equation? The authors of this book tackle twenty-one of the toughest questions that so many of us have about grace.

There are great answers to all of these questions in the Bible waiting to be discovered. 21 Tough Questions about Grace digs out those answers to help you get going on the path toward increased peace and confidence in God's marvelous work of grace.

21 Tough Questions about Grace is packed with great lessons from many of your favorite authors, including:

Anthony Badger
Charlie Bing
L. E. Brown
Christopher Cone
Robby Dean
Jody Dillow
Jeremy Edmondson
Roger Fankhauser
Grant Hawley
Stephen Lewis
Michael Makidon
Paul Miles
Mark Musser
Jim Myers
Mark Piland
James Reitman
Philippe Sterling
Bob Vacendak
Andy Woods

Dedicated to a champion of grace, Dr. Earl Radmacher, this book deals with questions that every serious student of God's Word and recipient of God's grace has asked. For example: Is Free Grace 'Cheap Grace'?; How Were People Saved in the Old Testament?; and, Didn't Jesus Say We Must Persevere to the End to Be Saved? Written for those who treasure GRACE, this book is a wealth of information in one volume that is useful for both personal and classroom study.
Dr. Larry Waters
Dallas Theological Seminary
Lead Editor, Bibliotheca Sacra

We hear so many caricatures and distortions about the meaning of Free Grace that a book setting the record straight is long overdue. These twenty-one answers to twenty-one questions about grace do a masterful job of clarifying the issues and explaining the proper understanding of Free Grace. The collection of contributors deals fairly with accusations like 'cheap grace,' 'easy believism,' 'no fruit-no faith,' and many other grenades lobbed at Free Grace Theology. Through exegesis of pertinent passages, the authors address issues like loss of salvation, fruit inspection for assurance of salvation, fellowship versus relationship, temporal judgment versus eternal judgment, and many more. For anyone wishing for a more clear understanding of Free Grace this book is a must.
Dr. Dave Anderson
President, Grace School of Theology
Author, Free Grace Soteriology

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