A Dispensational Biblical Theology

As the story of the Bible unfolds, Dr. Johnson carefully explains, through the progress of revelation, how God, the Hero of the story, resolves the Bible's plot-conflict through Jesus Christ.


Dr. Johnson has given us a resource that carefully traces, in detail, the purpose of God as revealed in His Word through the various economies that God has established. This work shows the hand of God as it moves through history, giving the reader a clear understanding of the plan and will of God as it is progressively revealed through the inerrant inspired text of Scripture.

Tony Evans
The Urban Alternative
Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

In a day of theologies that are sometimes profound but seldom genuinely helpful to the Church, Professor Elliott Johnson has written a Dispensational Biblical theology that is heavy with insight for the scholar yet readable enough to provide understanding and blessing to the church member. Cast as a Dispensational Biblical theology, Johnson pays close attention to eschatology - another feature that is too often missing from systematic theologies. This theology, however, understands that without the eschaton other theological doctrines never reach their fulfillment. A thorough grasp of the doctrine of the return of the Lord has informed this volume on theology, which every pastor ought to read.

Paige Patterson
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Fort Worth, Texas

Many detractors of Dispensationalism insist that this view foists a preconceived theological system onto the Biblical text. Elliott Johnson's A Dispensational Biblical Theology shows, in a detailed way, the error of such thinking. While every Dispensationalist will not agree with everything in the work, Johnson deftly shows the strong dedication of Dispensationalism to progressive revelation as given in the Biblical text. Themes are developed in such a way that the inductive Bible study inherent in Dispensationalism is easy to see. In this way, Johnson more fully develops the Dispensational approach of Charles Ryrie that is common to most traditional Dispensationalists.

Dr. Mike Stallard
Baptist Bible Seminary
Rocky Mountain Seminary

585 pages, Trade Paperback. $29.99 each (US only)


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