The Guts of Grace

The Guts of Grace focuses on sound teaching and mentoring believers to develop and maintain a more passionate and intimate love relationship with Jesus; to effectively share the Gospel of Salvation with the lost; to disciple other believers into mature and passionate followers of Christ.

The Guts of Grace is an impressive resource for churches and small groups who are interested in beginning their journey from ordinary saints/believers to extraordinary disciples. This book is insightful, interesting, and instructive.

Stephen R. Lewis, Ph.D.
Rocky Mountain Bible College
Rocky Mountain Seminary

A Peek at the Contents

The Guts of Grace is 34 packed lessons on everything from how to study your Bible to what to expect on the Lord's return. In the middle, you will find plenty of practical truth for living.

The lessons are designed for use in small groups, but can be completed by an individual as well. No matter where you are in your walk, this book can help bring you to a place of greater intimacy with Christ, more realized liberty, and confidence in His ability to do great things in and through you.

Table of Contents:

Special Thanks 5
Dedication 7
Foreword 9
Introduction 11

Section I: Hermeneutics 15

Lesson 1: Introduction to Hermeneutics 17
Lesson 2: Context 29
Lesson 3: Dispensationalism 37
Lesson 4: Figures of Speech 49
Lesson 5: Interpreting Prophecy 61
Lesson 6: Languages, Translations, & Language Tools 75
Lesson 7: Literary Structure 87
Lesson 8: Bible Study Method and Application 95

Section II : Free Grace 109

Lesson 9: The Free Gift 113
Lesson 10: The Nature of Faith 123
Lesson 11: Security and Assurance 133
Lesson 12: The Judgment Seat of Christ 145
Lesson 13: Answering the Five Points of Calvinism 155
Lesson 14: Tough Texts Pt. 1: James 2:14 26 167
Lesson 15: Tough Texts Pt. 2 177

Section III : Life and Liberty 189

Lesson 16: Our Inability, His Ability 191
Lesson 17: Liberty 201
Lesson 18: Spirit, Soul, & Body 215
Lesson 19: Emotions 229
Lesson 20: Humility 239
Lesson 21: Prayer 249
Lesson 22: In Christ 259

Section IV: Life in the Body of Christ 269

Lesson 23: God's Mission, Our Mission 271
Lesson 24: Election and Mission 283
Lesson 25: Accepting the Reality of Post Christendom 293
Lesson 26: Spiritual Gifts 303
Lesson 27: Liberty in the Church 313
Lesson 28: Striving for Unity 323

Section V: The Kingdom 333

Lesson 29: The Covenants 335
Lesson 30: The Kingdom Promised and Confirmed 345
Lesson 31: The Kingdom Described 355
Lesson 32: The Kingdom: Inheritance and Ruling 367
Lesson 33: Entering the Kingdom 377
Lesson 34: Kingdom Hope 391

Glossary 403
Scripture Index 409
About Bold Grace Ministries 425

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