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Stand Fast

For God's sake, and for your own sake as well, stop beating yourself up. The Lord wants you to live in freedom.

Eternal Life: It's My Life

The blessing of eternal life lies before us right now. It belongs to Jesus, and we possess it through belief in Him. Through ongoing fellowship with our Lord, our connection to and ixperience of this life enhances.

God Hates Sin Because He Loves Sinners

Fullness of joy, pleasures forevermore, liberty, love, intimacy, peace, and glory. These are all the things for which every human being longs. And all these things are experienced in fellowship with God. Sin just gets in the way.

Watch Out! There's a Ghost in the Church

Did you know that the Law of Moses is a ghost that is haunting the Church? Did you know that the Law died at Christ's cross, but it is back in the pulpit in the Church?

Jean Valjean and grace

God doesn't expect us to do anything in our own strength. Christ is our strength.


At this moment in history, the world is in a crazy place. Everything is changing and it may often seem like those who uphold God's Word are losing the battle.

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