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Download the E-Sword Bible Software

The Bold Grace Bible Institute is designed to work without a computer, but if you have a computer, the E-Sword Bible Software will make your studies in Greek, Hebrew, and exegesis more convenient.

Notes by Thomas Constable on the Whole Bible

Thomas Constable is Senior Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition, Adjunct Professor in Bible Exposition. His notes are outstanding.

Articles by Bold Grace Ministries

Practical outworking of sound doctrine.

Aricles by Free Grace Alliance Members

Several members of the Free Grace Alliance are prolific writers. Here are some of their helpful articles.

Chafer Theological Seminary Journal

Chafer Theological Seminary produces many doctrinally sound, free grace articles for our edification.

Journal of Dispensational Theology

Dispensational articles on various issues.

Bibliotheca Sacra

Bibliotheca Sacra is one of the oldest theological journals and it has many excellent articles on various topics.


Resources from Charles C. Bing and others.

Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society

Articles on Free Grace issues.

Book Spotlight

21 Tough Questions about Grace

by Various Authors

Dedicated to a champion of grace, Dr. Earl Radmacher, this book deals with questions that every serious student of God's Word and recipient of God's grace has asked. For example: Is Free Grace 'Cheap Grace'?; How Were People Saved in the Old Testament?; and, Didn't Jesus Say We Must Persevere to the End to Be Saved? Written for those who treasure GRACE, this book is a wealth of information in one volume that is useful for both personal and classroom study.
Dr. Larry Waters
Dallas Theological Seminary
Lead Editor, Bibliotheca Sacra

Click here to learn about its contents.

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