Bold Grace Bible Institutes Faculty

Who are we?

The Bold Grace Bible Institutes faculty is made up of people with experience in many areas of ministry, and all have served in the pastorate.

Servant Leadership

The Lord said, "the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve" (Mark 10:45), and the Apostle Paul said He took "the form of a bondservant" (Phil 2:7). Paul said of himself, "I am a debtor both to Greeks and to barbarians, both to wise and to unwise." In the same way, we are called to service, endebted to every human being to bring God's liberating Word. Our faculty strives to live out these principles of servant leadership.

20 18 Commencing
Cyprian Awuah Antwi

Mentor, Nigeria

About Mentor Antwi

Cyprian is a Ghanaian resident in Nigeria who currently serves as pastor for Faith Alone in Christ Alone Bible Church in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Cyprian is also a mentor for the Bold Grace Bible Institutes.

There is no point for any believer in Christ to occupy the pulpit if he is not willing to study and feed the congregation of God. But how can one be properly trained to get the foundation of handling the Bible accurately if there is no guiding institution? It is for this purpose that Bold Grace Bible Institute is extended to Africa to train many pastors, church workers, Bible students to understand what the bible means by grace. Grace must remain grace for grace to be grace, if not grace is not grace. Bold Grace Bible Institute seeks to prepare her students to be fit for any pulpit or opportunity that comes their way to share the gospel of faith alone in Christ alone, and also to accurately communicate sound teachings as God wants it to be. If Medical Doctors need proper preparation to handle health issues of homo sapiens, then men who occupy the pulpit need much better preparation to handle the souls of men.

Students in Ghana or near Port Harcourt, Nigeria may contact Mentor Cyprian here: Ghana: +233205767882 | Nigeria: +234708 670 5840 | Email:

Andy Devine

Mentor, Kentucky USA

About Mentor Devine

Andy Devine earned his BA in Biblical Studies and Philosophy from Southeastern Theological Seminary. He is going through the Masters of Divinity program at Tyndale Theological Seminary and serves as pastor of Poole Missionary Baptist Church.

I am excited to be a part of Bold Grace Institute and for the opportunity that it brings to so many in being trained in God's Word. Training for the ministry is vital for those who wish to teach others the Word of God. Over the years in the United States, seminaries have risen up to train men for the ministry, yet over time many of those have become places of dismissing God's Word and not actually learning how to 'rightly divide the Word.' In the area in which I live and minister, I have heard of many who wanted to go into ministry, and in the end, went into debt and even had to relocate several times in order to get what is considered a 'proper' seminary training. Yet when coming out of these seminaries they felt less equipped because God's Word was no longer the foundation as it should have been. In reading scripture, we see the example of a "Paul" who was a mentor, constantly exhorting others, especially Timothy, and helping them to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, not for a degree but to understand and rightly handle God's Word. From my own personal growth, I can say that I have learned so much more outside of 'seminary' while in the trenches than I ever did sitting under much of the man-made ideas of what we were told we needed to know. I want to be able to offer those in the surrounding areas, the opportunity to learn God's Word and be able to rightly divide it based on training in God's Word through the Bold Grace Bible Institutes.

Imoh Ekaette

Mentor, Nigeria

About Mentor Ekaette

Imoh Ekaette is an accomplished engineer and studied the Bible through Grace Notes Bible Institute. He serves as pastor-teacher of a house fellowship in Uyo, Nigeria.

Almost all pastors in Uyo, Nigeria either have their Bible College or School of Ministries training in schools where pastors are trained at very high costs to the students. None of these schools teach Free Grace and the difference between the Law of Moses and the Law of Christ is not clear to them. The lecturers at these schools came from the same schools. They don't fully appreciate that the Law of Moses was nailed to the cross. Thus, the lecturers at these schools cannot give what they don't have! The trend has to be reversed and the solution lies in bringing sound doctrine to the people through the establishment of Bible schools such as the Bold Grace Bible Institutes where church leaders and church planters could be trained for the work of properly evangelising the world. The believers here need to know who they are in Christ. The sin consciousness has to be erased from their souls. Therefore, there is an urgent need to establish a Bold Grace Bible Institute here.

Students near Uyo, Nigeria may contact Mentor Imoh at the following numbers: +2349058877864 | +2348035641225 | +2348022349228

Joshua Mokua

Mentor, Kenya

About Mentor Mokua

Joshua Mokua is a pastor and a primary school teacher in Kisii, Kenya. He is beloved in his community because of the great lengths he goes to help others, even when it means that he goes without.

The legacy [Bold Grace Bible Institutes] can give to humanity is to be an instrument that will make them know their Creator and serve Him well. There is no price which can compare to this.

There has been great desire here for grace doctrine and more especially for the training of the pastor teachers.

Michael Olusegun Taiwo

Mentor, The Gambia

About Mentor Taiwo

Michael Olusegun Taiwo is a pastor teacher of Grace Ministries International, also known as Word Bible Church, located in Lamin, Western Region, The Gambia.

My role in BGBI in The Gambia is to mentor other believers and church leaders who are interested to know more about Bible doctrine and its true application for proper spiritual growth.

Gambia is mostly Muslim with a population of over 85%. Even the churches within this locality are legalistic in nature, making Christinity as a falsehood faith because of wrong teaching, preaching, and application of God's word. Therefore, the introduction of BGBI will help to assist and reduce false doctrines and correct false teaching within this geographical location. The birth of BGBI in The Gambia will result to total reformation and revival of Christ's church.

Prospective students in The Gambia can contact Dr. Taiwo at the following numbers: +2207512368 | +2203078551 | +2206645155


Dean of African Schools

About Dean Emenike

Kingsley Emenike is the Dean for African Studies of Bold Grace Bible Institutes and lives in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He is happily married with four daughters. In addition to doing tent-making with Hope Mission Edmonton, he is a widely traveled and experienced Free Grace evangelist who has planted Free Grace Churches in most Countries in Africa.

I love what God has assigned me to do irrespective of human limitations.

In the course of my extensive mission trips to Africa, I realized that most Pastors and Church workers have limited or no knowledge of God's Free Grace. Ironically, over 68% of these have no basic Seminary education. 21% of those who have were either trained in Charismatic or Calvanistic theology, while Free Grace graduates constitute about 11%. Where God opened the doors and Free Grace messages were disseminated, there was that genuine desire and hunger in the hearts of the people for sound, Free Grace Bible training. The question always remains: "Who will bell the cat?" We thank God for the Board of Directors of BGBI who are taking a bold step to tread on thorns and thistles of Christianity.

Getting this task accomplished to the glory of God alone requires the loss of worldly comforts. I'm willing to leave the comfort of North America with my family to oversee this task in Africa, but I can't accomplish much without your prayer and financial support. My earnest prayer is that you cue into this vision, together your name will be engraved in gold.


Founder, President

About President Hawley

Grant Hawley was educated in the church and serves as Pastor of Bold Grace Fellowship and Director of Bold Grace Ministries. He is the author of The Guts of Grace: Preparing Ordinary Saints for Extraordinary Ministry, Easy Peasy Biblical Greek: The Easiest Way to Learn Greek Well, Dispensationalism and Free Grace: Intimately Linked, and Let the Text Speak: An Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics. He is also editor of 21 Tough Questions about Grace and Free Grace Theology: 5 Ways It Magnifies the Gospel. Grant is a member of the Free Grace Alliance Executive Council and the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics. He lives in Allen, TX with his wife, Tamara, and son, Rock.

While seminary is a blessing to many people, the cost can be a hindrance. Many students graduate with a great deal of debt, and often believing they are not fully prepared for ministry. The academics are helpful, but they lack experience and personal discipleship. Many also claim that they spent too much time reading the words of men and not enough of the Word of God.

With Bold Grace Bible Institutes, we seek to bring biblical training back into the local church, provide a more balanced education with personal discipleship and on-the-job training in addition to their academic studies, and to refocus the study on the building blocks of hermeneutics and exegesis. This can also be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional seminary. I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of Bold Grace Bible Institutes. Soli Deo gloria.