Upcoming Bold Grace Mission Trip

Kiev/Lviv Ukraine - May 9-20, 2014

This month a small team from the United States will be traveling to Ukraine in support of Bold Grace Eastern Europe. We will be working with Ukrainians and international immigrants/residents in Kiev and Lviv.

Unconventional Evangelism and Brazilian Food Seminar in Lviv
Our first stop will be the Western Ukrainian city of Lviv. We will be having a discussion with Christians there about evangelism. What have we tried before? What has worked? What hasn't worked? What unique opportunities are there for evangelism in Lviv? We hope to pull together brain power from at least four different Lviv-based ministries along with Bold Grace Eastern Europe and our American partners to figure out what we can be doing more effectively. Our partners from the US have done some great work in their local church with unconventional evangelism. Of course, Lviv has its own culture, so we may not necessarily be able to duplicate American evangelism, but we can certainly apply some similar concepts.
As a bonus, we will be eating Brazilian food and fellowshiping afterward. One of the men coming is training up on Brazilian cuisine and I've got a man tracking down some ingredients at a local bazaar. We will be preparing food that is inexpensive in bulk, but still need the finances to purchase the food and to rent the facility.

1st International Bold Grace Conference
We at Bold Grace Ministries are thrilled for the opportunity to hold a conference in 2014. The conference will be in Kiev on May 16-17. We will be having 12 different speakers from 4 different countries delivering 19 lectures on the topic of hermeneutics (hermeneutics is just a fancy word meaning, "How to read your Bible"). Our vision is for this to be an opportunity to promote various Free Grace ministries around the world. We have taken measures to reduce the cost of the conference, including finding a facility for the conference that we can use for free (thank you, Word of God Bible College!), but we still need to cover the costs of food and printing conference materials.

International Community Outreach
Many people who live in countries where Christianity is restricted have had the opportunity to move to Kiev. These people have huge potential for reaching people that many Western missionaries are struggling to gain access to. We will be running a Bible study group on May 18th for Christians and interested nonbelievers from around the world. We also want to plan a fellowship evening that will be a safe place for internationals to come and have fellowship with us and be invited to Bible studies without feeling that they are having Christianity pushed upon them. Sharing Christ with the nations is a long task and we would be thrilled if you were to contribute to our work this month.

Support Bold Grace's Spring Mission Trip
(Support for this trip no longer needed) We are excited about these opportunities coming up and look forward to seeing how the Lord will bless our endeavors. The bulk of the mission's costs (plane tickets, translator fees, etc.) have been covered, but we are still looking to raise a few dollars to cover the details of the mission trip. Paul writes that God loves a cheerful giver, but that we should not give under compulsion (2 Cor 9:7b). If you would like to play a financial role in this mission trip, we would be grateful for any gift, large or small. You can donate to Bold Grace Ministries by clicking on the donate button on this page. Another way you can help is through prayer. Please pray that we will be able to edify the Church in Ukraine, that we will be able to network with more Christians here and grow the impact that we are having, that Christians in Lviv will improve their evangelism methods, that Christians in Kiev will improve their understanding of God's Word, and that nonbelieving immigrants in Kiev will be receptive to God's Word.

Thank you for being a part of the Lord's work in Ukraine,
Paul Miles
Director, Bold Grace Eastern Europe