Finding a Church Home

By Grant Hawley

God does not want His children living individual lives, separate from the local church. He has given us each special gifts to serve in the local church, and He wants us all to use them there. So, finding a church home is important.

Finding a church family can also be difficult, and because your walk with the Lord Jesus will be greatly impacted by your local church, it is something to take very seriously.

Here are some things to look for in a church home:

- The pastor teaches from the Bible with integrity and doesn't try to twist its meaning to say something it doesn't.

- The church teaches that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone and does not contradict that truth by calling people to look to their works to determine whether or not they are saved. Read about it here.

- The church teaches that Christ will return to rule in His kingdom from David's throne in Jerusalem. Read about it here.

- The church doesn't try to imposing rules or restrictions that are not biblical, but instead teaches grace and freedom in Christ. Read about it here.

- The pastor is respected but is not treated as a celebrity or an idol.

- The church members, including its leadership love you and each other dearly.

Finding a church that fits all of these requirements is difficult, but the closer you can come to this, the better.

One of the most difficult of these criteria to find is that the church teaches that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone and doesn't contradict that. But, see the map on our home page to see if there is one meeting near you.

If there's church info stamped on the back of your copy of Created to Reign, go visit that church.

Of course, if you live near Allen, TX, you are welcome to come and visit our church. Call me (Grant) at 214-450-7706 for details.

If anyone reading this knows of a church that meets all of these criteria, please let us know by calling or texting me so that we can let others know. Please include contact information for the church leadership.

Once you have found a good church home, love and serve that church fervently.